Extra Olive Oil


Rigorous selection of species taking into account:

. Its vegetative cycle, so that there is no competition for water with the olive grove.

. Soil and climate characteristics.

. Crop requirements.

Reasons for sowing

. Helps control of weeds by increasing competition and allelopathy.

. Helps integrated and biological protection systems by increasing predator populations against some pests and diseases.

. Improves level of organic matter and soil structure.

. Increases soil fertility and its capacity for water infiltration and retention.

. Fixes atmospheric nitrogen, reducing nitrogen fertilization cost.

. Facilitates the circulation of agricultural machinery and implements needed in the treatment and harvest operations.

. Makes the countryside more attractive.


REVOLIV Handling

. It is essential to leave the cover in complete rest from the beginning of the flowering stage until the seed is formed, creating a seed bank that will ensure crop persistence and balance.

. Cut and chop all the forage produced, once or twice per year, leaving grassland residues on the ground.